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Thanks mate, good to be back. Perth is slowly improving with both Herringbone and MJ Bale now having a presence.
Rothchild looks pretty nice on the pediwear site. Brogues in black I wouldn't call too loud... in tan on the other hand...
Thanks mate, they do shine up well. To be honest the Crockett and Jones are a step up in quality as you'd expect at double the retail.
Both the C & J are on the 337. I take the same size on the aldwych (capital last) but the C & J are narrower with less room in the toe box.
Found some on my neglected tumblr: Kempton new: Kempton 3 years on: Aldwych in the company of C & J:
Will do. I think I have some old photos of them new so will do some comparison shots. I'm a kiwi not an aussie, living in the satorial wasteland of Perth.
I have the Aldwych, kempton (in suede), and the pimilco in dark brown. To me they represent a decent quality shoe without breaking the bank. Had them all for 3 to 4 years and still going strong.
Might have been covered, but if not MJ Bale has opened in Perth. St Georges Tce near Brookfield Place. Had a chat to the sale assistant and he tells me they're making their suits in Japan again (others still made in china). Quality to my eye looked improved from when I was in Sydney. Some really nice summer sports coats as well (unlined, patch pockets). Worth a look
It's on my "to buy" list, so yeah, I like it
Cool. Thanks for posting... I have a couple more to follow now
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