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wurger is on the money, I meant finishing.
Loakes are a good entry level good year welted shoe (if from the 1880 range)... I have 3 pairs and they represent excellent value for money. Crockett and Jones are a step up in quality in both leather and construction. Some of the shoe nerds on here can give you better details than me on the differences, so hopefully someone else will chime in. They're also about x2 the price, so go figure.
"the bone" = Herringbone. There are a few shops in Sydney:http://shop.herringbone.com/storesBenchgrades for $599, handgrades for $699 (or at least they used to be).
Looking good PoP. What numpty said blue pants shouldn't be worn as seperates.
$500 for Loakes? Another $100 and you could have got some C & J benchgrades from the bone. Assume you bought local at that price.
Good to be back, cheers. Being a dad mainly mate, seems to take up most of my spare time. have lurked but may post more... will see. Good to see you keeping the aussie thread honest.
Try Howard yount. His shipping is $20 for each $100 purchased (or at least he used to be). DJs occasionally discount pantherella.Last order from Viccel was shit quality and took an age to arrive... others have had better experiences but I wouldn't buy from them again.Good old Perth... Cost of living here is ridick, not just the socks
Yup, correct, I bought it last Autumn. 100% cotton very subtle herringbone weave and a very very subtle pin-stripe.
MJ Bale have a 2 for a grand deal: MJ Bale B&M stores: Australia cities Online shopping: Worldwide Main SF thread: None Style: Various Construction: Half Canvassed
Very nice
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