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I need to restock on AW trousers... where do you guys shop for odd pants? Looking for primarily wool / flannel. I have a few pairs of Howard Yount pants (pents, urgh) which are pretty decent, but wondering if there are any local options worth checking out. Price range $150 to $250.
ha ha, that's exactly what I was thinking
I remember that thread. What a silly little man.
I did what I was told
F. Corbera == Vox I wonder where Vox is? I hope that he's okay. - J
Nice, what C & J you looking at?
Yummies.... jesus
Went to Herringbone today and was underwhelmed (didn't bother going yesterday as had no intention of buying anything). Suits were yawn (bring back the 3 roll 2 ffs), their shirts have never fitted me so didn't bother, and the patch pocket sports coats looked on the short side. Post from a few days ago (journeyman, maybe PoP), was on the money... MJ Bale was actually worse.
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