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ha ha, that's exactly what I was thinking
I remember that thread. What a silly little man.
I did what I was told
F. Corbera == Vox I wonder where Vox is? I hope that he's okay. - J
Nice, what C & J you looking at?
Yummies.... jesus
Went to Herringbone today and was underwhelmed (didn't bother going yesterday as had no intention of buying anything). Suits were yawn (bring back the 3 roll 2 ffs), their shirts have never fitted me so didn't bother, and the patch pocket sports coats looked on the short side. Post from a few days ago (journeyman, maybe PoP), was on the money... MJ Bale was actually worse.
You get yourself to Perth mate, and I'll get you on the list. Tie thing happened after 6 pints, had another 3 after that... bit rough the next day for a 7am conference call. Open bar as well, but felt like beers only. We look after our clients.
New Posts  All Forums: