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Nice, what C & J you looking at?
Yummies.... jesus
Went to Herringbone today and was underwhelmed (didn't bother going yesterday as had no intention of buying anything). Suits were yawn (bring back the 3 roll 2 ffs), their shirts have never fitted me so didn't bother, and the patch pocket sports coats looked on the short side. Post from a few days ago (journeyman, maybe PoP), was on the money... MJ Bale was actually worse.
You get yourself to Perth mate, and I'll get you on the list. Tie thing happened after 6 pints, had another 3 after that... bit rough the next day for a 7am conference call. Open bar as well, but felt like beers only. We look after our clients.
Pretty much... and when you do see someone wearing one it typically matches their tie (no doubt bought as a set, both polyester). There's some AFL footy show where the panel wear pocket squares poorly (I'm a rugby man so have only hit it channel surfing).
Funny, was having a convo with one of the only decent dressers at work today and we were talking pocket squares and how we both agreed it's not worth the hassle of all the remarks we'd get.
So we had client drinks last night so wore a tie to work for a change (I rarely wear ties in summer in Perth). Ties a sweet four in hand knot, sweet as. Had three comments on my knot being "off", "not symmetrical", "full windsor is best". Full windsor guy (who also happens to be my boss), says take off the tie and I'll show you.. I know how to tie a fucking full windsor just choose not too cos it looks like shit, but figured I'd humour him (and I'd had 6 pints). He then...
I dig it. Did you wear socks... if not I'll have to dock points
I love bar jokes: Man walks into a bar with a piece of Tarmac under his arm, says to bar man, "one for me and one for the road" Jumper leads walk into a bar, bar man says, "you can stay but don't start anything" Two sandwiches walk into a bar, bar man says, "sorry, we don't serve food in here" Horse walks into a bar, bar man says, "why the long face?" And my favorite non bar joke ... Vegetarian, old Indian word for "bad hunter"
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