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I don't step in these parts very often due to my seiko collection status. I am however saving for a speedy professional moon watch and came across this article. Thoughts on the "upgrade"... Omega makes minor changes to the Moonwatch
Better yet, try the Australian members thread. Lots of savvy melbourne dressers in there. Herringbone or MJ Bale would be a good bet at your price range (on sale) if you find a cut that suits, excuse the pun.
The irony. Starts at only $497 though!
This came up on my facebook newsfeed:
Guilty as charged. More of a lurker these days.
Yup, dfih is what I use if the fih is too meek.
Double Windsor doesn't get much love on this forum which I can understand. End up with a knot the size of your fist and it detracts from whatever else your wearing. Four in hand can look great, but depends on the tie... can end up with the opposite effect and have a tiny knot that has the same effect only less ostentatious.Anyways... Henry Carter: Henry Carter and he's a true blue aussie to boot. I don't own any of his ties so can't comment on length. Excellent reputation...
Thanks for the reply. I know my size in HY so may be the best option (just brought some off a member here).ehaberdahser stock Incotex, so may give them a go as well, but would have preferred to try on locally.Anyone have any experience with Panta? They're a bit over my budget, but look pretty awesome.
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