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Sharks were awful last night. Their kicking game was totally off and the Crusaders made them pay.
Thanks you all the replies... busy part of the forum this oneThanks Dino... I research any (for me) significant purchases so have a fairly decent knowledge of the history of the speedy pro and associated movements (cal 321 -> cal 861 -> 1861) plus move to coaxial for DSOTM, '57 nod, and others. Also learnt a lot about other watches... of which you have my grail the Royal Oak jumbo.The 3570.50 was the watch for me (and may still be), as I like the looks of the hesalite and...
I don't step in these parts very often due to my seiko collection status. I am however saving for a speedy professional moon watch and came across this article. Thoughts on the "upgrade"... Omega makes minor changes to the Moonwatch http://acwatchblog.com/2014/07/23/omega-makes-minor-changes-to-the-moonwatch/
Better yet, try the Australian members thread. Lots of savvy melbourne dressers in there. Herringbone or MJ Bale would be a good bet at your price range (on sale) if you find a cut that suits, excuse the pun.
The irony. Starts at only $497 though!
This came up on my facebook newsfeed: http://thestylesystem.com/open-registration-june/
Guilty as charged. More of a lurker these days.
Yup, dfih is what I use if the fih is too meek.
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