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Might be a great guy off the park but shows no class on it. His send off of Martin Guptill was dreadful.Still, Australia were worthy winners, they played superbly.
Finally some comedy
Sheep jokes, how original of you
Australia fantastic those first 10 overs. Starc is a special player. Good comeback though, hopefully we'll set a good total and make it a hell of a final. Must say, Brad Haddin is a complete cock though.
Should be a cracker! Well pleased it's a Anzac final.Martin has some sartorial chops, and a true gentlemen to boot. His piece on the final was emotional.
My worst fitting suit. In the wild sans tie:
I get the majority of mine from Howard Yount, they retail around the $165 - $200 mark. Italian cut is relatively slim. His customer service has turned to shit according to some but I've never had an issue.
Sharks were awful last night. Their kicking game was totally off and the Crusaders made them pay.
Thanks you all the replies... busy part of the forum this oneThanks Dino... I research any (for me) significant purchases so have a fairly decent knowledge of the history of the speedy pro and associated movements (cal 321 -> cal 861 -> 1861) plus move to coaxial for DSOTM, '57 nod, and others. Also learnt a lot about other watches... of which you have my grail the Royal Oak jumbo.The 3570.50 was the watch for me (and may still be), as I like the looks of the hesalite and...
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