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No one?
Open for offers!
It's still available – so get it while you can!
Hey everyone! I am looking for a Pair of Green suede loafers and it is quite hard to find a pair! In case there is anyone out there, who wants to get rid of a pair in size 8.5 / 9, please PM me! Ideally I am looking for a pair without tassels. Best, P.
Sure (and sorry for the late reply). Chest is 53 cm; Shoulder is 42 cm and Length at the back is 78-79 cm... Let me know, if you need more...
Up for sale is beautiful Blazer / Sportcoat by Lardini. It is from the current season and has a beautiful wool fabric that is a blueish gray. The size 48. The professional images show are not mine and I am not sure if it is the exact same coat but it looks fairly similar especially regarding cut. I paid almost 800 USD for it, so I think a 50% discount is a good deal. But I am also open to reasonable offers! If there's no reasonable offer, I am also happy to keep the...
Hello Everyone, I am desperately looking for a pair of Allen Edmonds Eagle County boots in one of the darker shades (dark brown, merlot etc.). Size-wise, it depends on the width so please offer everything between 9.5 – 10.5. I know there must be quite a few out there as a result of the Allen Edmonds' MTO scheme at SF – so please help!! I am located in Germany btw... Many thanks, p.
Price Drop: 400 USD
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