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I guess he's into slim-fitting shirts...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy 12% what? Human hair? Irradiated Chernobyl Metal? Alien Fecal Matter? Inquiring minds want to know. Ooh, good catch... also, what about the remaining 2%?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I think that the StyleForvm convention is to size down 2. If your shoe is about 75% of the length of you foot, you should be good to go. - B Won't this eventually cause your feet to shrink? Requiring you to buy even smaller shoes? Ad infinitum? I am curious, now, and would like to try this little experiment, but I'm afraid I may have trouble balancing as my feet asymptotically approach 0 length.
Wouldn't that just mean at the seams? I would think all the main parts of the cloth would still be fine, and resist wrinkling.
Also check out, they frequently have sales, and include some nice scarves, anyway.
Top hats.
If they're too short you could get it in a Long instead of Regular.
I think they'd look good.
I got a couple pairs of these socks, also. I must say, they are quite thin... I thought at first I had only received one pair. However, they fit quite well and are comfortable. Shipping was surprisingly fast coming from Turkey.
I have one pupil permanently dilated, so I wear sunglasses for driving and flying. But not for walking around.
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