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Could pics of 52-pocket jacket be put back in? I am curious to see such an invention.
Using Chrome here, also... guess I'm not allowed to visit.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmf895 In my experience, stay away from socks with any amount of synthetic material (nylon, rayon, etc.) unless you want stinky feet. Unlike cotton and wool, synthetics do not have sufficient wicking properties. This promotes bacterial growth which leads to smelly feet. Most cheap brand socks (and even expensive ones) have nylon in them. So pay attention to the tags. Viccel has been mentioned around the forum. They have 100%...
I think argyle make good business casual socks. I prefer more muted argyles than bright ones, though.
A4 Cabriolet
It seems alright to me that your suit collar would show, just like, as you noted, your shirt collar shows.
Bought some cufflinks from highjumper. A pleasure to do business with.
Some of the gentlemen with whom I've had the pleasure of excellent transactions of a sartorial nature: AnGeLiCbOrIs Arethusa406 Coal_Mining_Polak markdc CaliGent stamp0102 skefferz randomkoreandude JohnnyLaw
^^^ Definitely too short... I think it would look better on me.
Check out the what are you wearing thread at the top of the forum, see some pants that you like, and look up where you can buy them.
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