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more decorations: longwing spectator
Hmm, my size, too... unfortunately, I'm not a chukka-wearer. :/
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Why the thumbs up? European version of asians giving the peace sign?
And use a credit card so you can charge back if it's fake.
How does washing right-side-out cause things to fade? I've seen this recommendation to wash inside-out before, but don't understand the mechanism behind this.
Anyone tried Amazon WebPay? They say there's no fee for using it, but I don't know whether that just means for the sender, or whether the receiver gets the full payment. https://payments.amazon.com/sdui/sdui/personal/money
With XL fitting like a M, and buttons on the wrong side, sounds like it's a women's item.
Quote: Originally Posted by lynch_king i took the advice of anearlier thread. DO NOT WEAR A SUIT TO AN INTERVIEW. you look like a pompus over dressed asshole. im 21, everyone there was in my age group, noone had a suit on, stared at me. they were in graphic ed hardy t shirts and jeans. i was the only one there with a degree/over qualified. the interviewer made fun of me, said "weren't you just in here with a suit? yeah you don't need that" pretty...
I once bought a couple cheap silk ties on ebay. You could tell they were cheap.
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