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Quote: Originally Posted by BBdude Ah, we both agree! Here's my dilemma that I should have posted more succinct originally. BB slim fit 17.5 neck / 34 arm length fit me great around most of my body, but my broad shoulders pull at the back and make the arms look too short. I bought a few BB slim fit 17.5 neck / 35 arm length and they're much more billowy and the arms have a great deal of fabric, but my shoulders don't pull at the back of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy well said ps is that a citroen in your avatar? '07 Audi A4.
Quote: Originally Posted by emerckx I respect the bartenders, but if what you say is true, then get rid of it. Period. I dare you. After all, no rational person would put up with this bullshit for no return. And I say this with all due respect. But really. The keepers at the local zoo don't clean the monkey cage without a paycheck, much as they might like monkeys. Peace. Perhaps it's for a non-financial return?
Not sure how this hasn't been posted yet...
Most weddings you're going to be overdressed if you're in a tux.
I would instead wear a shirt that doesn't require cuff links.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx - This is not creepy; this is stupid! Well, I'm guessing due his wearing of sunglasses indoors that he's blind, so you've got to give him a break...
You may wish to look into loafers.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar He is gorgeous...Already plastified and ready to use... Harry Potter got in a fight with Michael Jackson?
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