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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum If you don't mind buying second-hand shoes then eBay is a good route to take, many of my shoes cost me less than $100 when they would have cost over $300 to buy brand new. Indeed. I have purchased several pairs of used Allen Edmonds (the most common shoe in your price range) in decent-to-good shape on eBay for anywhere from $30 to $60. Check out the eBay shoe ticker.
My first pair of new AEs.
I think a nice, pink cashmere tie would go well with this... perhaps something by Attolini? More seriously, though, I think that's a quite nice looking shirt, but not appropriate for conservative dress.
Looks delicious!
I'm nominally a 7E, and the PAs I have in 7E are a good fit for me.
Folks from whom I've bought recently, all with whom I've been quite happy: gregaz Coal_Mining_Polak jotadinero incastoutcast bigbris1 Rick's Tailoring sonlegoman
Quote: Originally Posted by why If time slows as velocity increases toward c, then if a person theoretically traveled at c couldn't they continually broadcast their actions to an audience that perceives them at the normal rate of time? How would such actions be interpreted by the audience? The broadcaster could do something like, say, recite the Declaration of Independence, but the audience would receive it as if no time had actually past. So the...
The appropriate punishment is to turn him into a pair of bespoke shoes.
Interested, pending pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria How many times a day do you guys iron your own shirt? - B Inspired by the Iron Man movies, I am attempting to develop a metal suit to wear under ones clothing which will iron your clothes while you wear them.
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