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Quote: Originally Posted by junior varsity if it is indeed style forum, shouldnt it promote what the magazines/television/movies/red carpet show case? like GQ, Details Magazine etc? It's style forum, not fashion forum.
I would like 2x #11 1x #16 1x #24 Thanks!
They remind me of a silkworm larva I once ate...
I think if the pants were either tapered, or slightly longer, they would look better.
Different jackets will have different measurements, even though they say the same size. Shoulder width, chest and waist, and sleeve length can all have some significant variation between jackets of the same nominal size. So it's definitely worth checking out jackets of a smaller size, too, because some of them will probably be large enough.
I think they go well with white/cream color pants/suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Neo? Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Hey listen, I am a geek too and I stand proud. We are clothing geeks on this forum. I think this is an excellent point.
I think coats with elbow patches look funny on younger people, but sport coats in general are fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Lovely shoes, were did you find them.....? Adrian Thanks! Found them on eBay, naturally.
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