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Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox i'm expecting replies like this ^ since this forum is full of snobs and assholes but hopefully i will get a helpful reply if it turns out that you can only get CT shirts from the actual CT store or from their website, then i guess i might take a gamble and order it eBay
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry I have a pair of Bostonian Classic long wing in black with leather sole from about 10 years ago in 8+/10 condition. Does anyone know who made them? I couldn't find any writing inside the shoes that indicate country of origin. Aren't Bostonian all made in USA?
Quote: Originally Posted by gamma1234 The merlot McAllister was one that crossed my mind. I only wish it came in a dark brown rather than merlot. I'll take a look at the Alden wingtip bal - I just hope its one of the sale shoes! Thanks for the suggestions guys. You've already got the black and brown, I think a burgundy is a good choice for a third shoe. I have PA in Merlot, I think the color is great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist Does anyone have opinions about Korchmar/Schlesinger? I'm interested in either the LaRomana Framed Brief Bag or the Schlesinger Brief Bag. Other then the pebble grain vs. smooth grain leather and the double handle on the Schlesinger, there doesn't seem to be much difference. I can't speak to...
Cole Haan has a lot of different shoes, made by different manufacturers. I have some Made in USA loafers that are pretty decent. I also have a pair of Benchmade in England (I suspect by C&J) cap toes that are quite nice.
I wear a 7E shoe, so I'm familiar with your frustration. Member "Rick's Tailoring" was selling some OTC wool argyle socks in B&S a few weeks back for $15 shipped, I don't know if there are still some left. I have also found some nice socks on Sierra Trading Post (I've only bought mid-calf there, but I imagine they have OTC, too). Also, check out Viccel. I believe he offers a discount to SF members.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy If you only own one bow tie, make it a Churchill Dot (navy with white polka dots). Learn to tie it -- it's the same knot you use to tie your shoes. In my opinion, a bow tie should be tied on the smaller side and a little messy, like you just don't give a fuck. Wear it with any collar, but man, I just saw a club collar BBBF at Brooks Brothers today.. I am so tempted to run back and get it. Aha! Thanks...
Different shoes of the same nominal size have different lengths, depending on how much it is designed to extend beyond the end of your toes. That being said, sounds more like 8.5 D or E.
I think I'd skip the fedora.
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