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4 BB OCBD Non-Iron 15.5-33 shirts. Approximate measurements: p2p - 24 sh - 19.5 boc - 32 sleeve - 24 Prices (shipped to CONUS): $20/per for 1 $19/per for 2 $18/per for 3 $17/per for 4 The pink one has a small stain by the pocket, so take $2 off your total if purchasing that one. Other than that, these are in very good condition. I bought these on SF a while back before I knew enough to get shirts that fit me, and never bothered to get them altered.
I recently acquired one of these: http://panamas.biz/specials.html I know very little about hats, but it seems pretty good for my purposes.
It doesn't sound like you'll be inappropriately overdressed, so I think you're fine. If you wore a suit, that would be too much.
Some of the fine gentlemen of the forum, from whom I have recently made purchases, all of from whom I would without hesitation purchase again: MiamiRedSkin BBC whusurdadi NewYorkRanger HomerJ phxlawstudent Outtastyle digupmyheart
Quote: Originally Posted by either/or -Yes, looks like all old pics will be lost for SF, unless all old posters re-up and reassign all pics to all posts... Actually, if you right click on one of the images that says TOS violation, you can open it in a new window of its own, and it will work. It would be painful to do for every picture, but for any particular one you want to see this will work.
I found that I was wearing holes in my pants pockets from my wallet being thick, so I found a slimmer wallet, and started carrying less stuff: DL, medical insurance card, pilot license, airport access card, ATM card, credit card, and half a dozen bills.
Perhaps when you jump you could use one of your old shirts as a parachute?
Actually, I think most of the gents posting here wouldn't get a second look on the street, because most of the people on the street don't know enough to recognize what they're seeing.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarn15 Just wondering what other people think of these Steve Madden shoes. I understand that these fall into the "dreaded" squared-toe shoe category, but these shoes do not look nearly as chunky as most others. Still a fashion faux pas? Your input is highly appreciated. Sorry in advance for the poor picture quality. =\\ Yes.
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