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Just go to a store and try on different brands and styles... they have different fits and pocket sizes. Some of them will let you easily put stuff in your pocket. Others will be harder.
As someone who recently posted there, I did so because of the box that hangs around suggesting you post there if you have a non-positive post count.
My co-workers right now are all pretty cool, but I had an internship a few years ago where the guy in the cube across from me sucked jolly rancher hard candies all day... very loudly... I enjoyed my work there, but I was glad not to have to sit across from him anymore when I left!
If you take the corporate job, you may find you actually really enjoy it! And if you don't, you'll have made a bunch of money and then you can go back and teach again. However, if it's something you know you'll hate, then I don't think it's worth it for the money unless you're really cash-strapped.
Thanks for the insights, gents! Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon One More thing... No matter what shoes you get... you have to treat them well or they will not last as long as they could: Put trees in them when you take them off Don't wear the same pair two days in a row Polish and clean frequently Re polishing and cleaning, is that something that should be done every so many days, or every so many times the shoes are worn?
I stumbled across this site when looking for dress shoe care tips, and think I'll be sticking around. It probably would have been better if I'd found this site first before purchasing, but at least I'll learn for next time! The shoes I got are Bostonian Tahoes, which although I really don't know anything about shoes are obviously of much better quality than my last shoes (Thom Mcann, bought from Sears when I was in high school ). So I was wondering, what is it that...
I can take the Armani off your hands.
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