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I'll check for additional labels denoting material when I get home... I shall also check for application labels to see if these may function as office pants or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 What's the material - poly, wool, genuine herringbone...? That's what I was hoping you guys could help me with. The label says "100% WV Fleece". They're made by Zanella in Italy, if that helps.
I got some slacks recently at Saks Off 5th that are "100% Fleece". I've always thought of fleece as fuzzy stuff for jackets and such, but these just seem like regular slacks material. So I was wondering... What exactly is this "fleece" stuff? And what setting should I use to iron it?
You need to at least post pics after the alterations.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricE. get an all-et wallet instead! i received mine two days ago and its great!! its not bulky at all That looks interesting, as I've also been wanting to get a thinner wallet... about how thick would you say it is when you fold it up? And does it just fold in half or in fourths?
A lot of games are crap, but some are actually interesting and fun. Additionally, a lot of people play online multiplayer games less because of the game play than because of a community, whether folks they've met in the game or other friends they know that they play with.
Mostly these days I wear jeans to the office... do they thereby become "office pants"? And if so, is it only for the duration, or do they retain this status for some time? If they do become office pants, should I be looking for more information in the Office Pants section or D&SW?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stewie not a buzz word, but when someone says "go or goes" in place of say, says or said....grrr so irritating! How do you feel about "like"?
lol, yeah... I've never understood their appeal.
So when did this rule come into effect? Maybe it's just because pictures/TV from there era were all black and white, but I had thought black was de rigueur for most of the 20th century?
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