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I'm a fan; I think semicolons are highly underrated.
Here are a pair of vintage J&M I picked up here on B&S not too long ago.
Yeah, I'm not getting them, either.
Dude, these folks are kindly taking the time to give you advice to improve your selling... what's the problem? You are not entitled to have buyers purchase your stuff at the price you want. You have to entice them. In a world of shady merchants hawking crappy goods, buyers feel safer purchasing something that looks professional. That commands a higher price. If you want to sell to the market, you have to deliver what the market wants.
I also have a pair of AE PA in Merlot, which I think look great. It's very definitely not brown. I use AE's Merlot polish on them. The first picture, with flash, shows what the polish color is. The second picture, without flash, is closer to what they look like in typical light. Compared to some brown color and black.
A picture that goes at least up to your neck would be much better to tell from.
M. Corbera, Could you comment upon the applicability of sleeve-rolling techniques for the gentleman of lesser stature? I find that due to the low cuff-to-sleeve ratio of my shirts, many of the techniques demonstrated above requiring multiple rolls would involve rolling a sleeve all the way over to the other side of my body! While pondering the ability to perform this feat from both sides simultaneously, I was reminded of the mathematical entity known as a Klein bottle. ...
Allen Edmonds Sanford, 8.5D, in burgundy (I don't know what the official color is). I'm moving soon, and haven't worn these in quite awhile, so I'd like to get rid of them. Worn but decent condition. $40 shipped priority mail CONUS.
4 BB OCBD Non-Iron 15.5-33 shirts. Approximate measurements: p2p - 24 sh - 19.5 boc - 32 sleeve - 24 Prices (shipped to CONUS): $20/per for 1 $19/per for 2 $18/per for 3 $17/per for 4 The pink one has a small stain by the pocket, so take $2 off your total if purchasing that one. Other than that, these are in very good condition. I bought these on SF a while back before I knew enough to get shirts that fit me, and never bothered to get them altered.
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