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How long are your feet?
I'd be down to get a couple.
The shoes you've shown don't look too square, and I think would be fine with jeans/blazer, depending on the jeans/blazer.
Meltonian shoe polish in Cognac - $2.50 shipped:
I'm also a size 7, and have been happy with some socks I've gotten from which also has a 20% discount for coming from SF.
As an infrequent user of B&S, I would be willing to use Dwolla, but wouldn't pay for "Instant".
Morbid curiosity leads me to ask: to what exactly would the clips be attached?
Yes, but you need to use "correctly," as an adverb is called for there.
I tend to rest my wrists on the desk while typing, so sometimes when wearing French cuffs I have to rotate them to the side. But this has never posed an unsurmountable problem.
I have no experience with this brand, but a whole lot of jackets are oversized.
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