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I want a pair of Strands. I currently rotate walnut Mcallisters and brown burnished Fifth Avenues and they both serve me well. I'm wondering should I go for bourbon or walnut in the Strands. I've been picking up on some issues with the bourbons finish, so was thinking about walnut since I can darken them over time with polish. I already have the walnut covered with my Mcallisters. Anyone have pics of bourbon that went bad?
I own 3 pairs of AE shoes. My 5th Avenues are pretty squeaky with a lot of noise coming from under the laces between tongue. Even when I lace them super tight it's still there when I walk. My Mcallisters are dead quiet. I've worn them both for at least 60 days each. Any remedy to make this go away?
I'm looking to pick up my 4th pair of AEs. I'd like to get a pair of Strands in Bourbon. I see the Nordstrom's sale is going on right now and they have Walnut on sale for $257. Would they order Bourbon for me at that price? I've not shopped with them much before. My current rotation is: Walnut McAllister Burnished Brown Fifth Avenue Black Byron I wish now I'd picked the Strand over the McAllister in Walnut but I was dead set on wingtips at that time. I have a hard time...
I picked up this cashmere Hart Schaffner Mark Gold Trumpeter sport coat for a steal and I can't figure out what to pair it with pants wise. I have a dark brown pair of HSM that looks ok, but it doesn't sit quite right with me. Looking for suggestions on what you would match up to it, trouser color and/or shirt. Ahem, pardon the wrinkles...
I send thank you notes regularly and I too have shit handwriting. When I slow down and try to write nicer, it ends up looking like a little kid writing to Santa. I've learned to just to not think about it too much and go for it writing at normal speed. I usually type the note up in a blank email then copy that down on the card, helps me with phrasing, keeps my head clear, lessens mistakes and stupid spelling errors. One thing that I've been thinking about it getting a...
You were at a bar. Visit the streetwear forum.
The real question is what do you say when you ask people to take a picture of you so you can post your style trial on the interwebz.
AE polish is perfect. The first time I used it on my walnut pair, It looked like shoe leather was oozing out of the tube. I couldn't believe how well it matched.
They are the same, Byron is a #8 last, Fifth is #5.
I started buying nice shoes about a year ago, I'm hooked. Front: AE Byrons, AE Fifth Avenue, AE McAllister Back: J&M sneakers, J&M Dobson The more I look at and wear the AE's, the J&Ms fall further out of my rotation. Plus they aren't holding up very well, the insole is starting to tear. These all get regular rotation at work. I did not include my yard mowing shoes, gym shoes and other utility shoes. I think I'll try Alden's or C&J next. Thoughts? Nothing...
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