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You were at a bar. Visit the streetwear forum.
The real question is what do you say when you ask people to take a picture of you so you can post your style trial on the interwebz.
AE polish is perfect. The first time I used it on my walnut pair, It looked like shoe leather was oozing out of the tube. I couldn't believe how well it matched.
They are the same, Byron is a #8 last, Fifth is #5.
I started buying nice shoes about a year ago, I'm hooked. Front: AE Byrons, AE Fifth Avenue, AE McAllister Back: J&M sneakers, J&M Dobson The more I look at and wear the AE's, the J&Ms fall further out of my rotation. Plus they aren't holding up very well, the insole is starting to tear. These all get regular rotation at work. I did not include my yard mowing shoes, gym shoes and other utility shoes. I think I'll try Alden's or C&J next. Thoughts? Nothing...
I should have clarified, I have tried 2 different cleaners, and both had the same problem, with both the same answers. Finding a good one is hit or miss, I'm still looking. Thanks stubloom for your extremely insightful reply, that is great information. Is 1 out of 10 the normal helpful answer to useless reply ratio normal on these forums?
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Do a search, you lazy sack. Thanks for the help guy. I'd challenge you to search for this picture and find one in 5 minutes, but I know you won't. I bow to your senior status, even though we joined at the same time. I guess telling people to search can boost my post count like it does yours?
I've had three pairs of trousers go bad from repeated trips to the cleaners. I wear them weekly to bi-weekly and have them cleaned every fourth wear or so. The reason the stain is directly attributed to the sticky cardboard hanger they place them on. There is a quite noticeable discoloration where the pants fold over the hanger. The cleaners say there is nothing that can be done, they took a pair in to re-clean for free and could not fix them. They say they are not...
I'd like to see a pair of well cared for AE Fifth Avenue or Park Avenue shoes in brown burnished calf. I'm interested to see how these shine up and look after the "new" wears off. Can anyone accommodate?
You can't go wrong with a sport coat. My office isn't very tie suited, now and then when clients visit our executive staff may wy wear a suit, but normally just a coat. I think coats go a long way, and you can feel more relaxed in them, rather than a full suit/tie.
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