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http://www.myhabit.com/homepage#page=d&dept=men&sale=A39QB90ZCGPF3C&asin=B00GTG046O&cAsin=B00GTG06K8&ref=qd_g_b_img_d_4 43 black dunks back on sale. why not 41?
this http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503267207&cgid=mens-shoes&index=1
Similar thing happened to me this year. He sen't me the pants with a hole and there was a sticker saying 'has a hole' lol. I exchanged it with no refund on the shipping costs and ended up being taxed. He said that he would 'compensate me' but, as expected, never heard of him after that episode...Anyway, the worst thing is that during the period I waited for the new pants, he constantly ignored me. I sent like 10 e-mails and got no response. Finally, after a month he told...
ssense on sale too. up to 50%
out of curiosity, how much did you guys pay for the MMM bag?
/\ true
15% off at Yoox dreambox items YOOXDREAMBOX15
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