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sure, you're right but I don't think that's an issue for a forum about clothes on the internet.
I don't get why Layer-0 is rarely mentioned in the 'artisanal designers' discussion.
Daniel Andressen graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and was awarded the Flanders Fashion Institute's grand prize in his final year. He focused his skills in Haider Ackermann's studio and worked with Hilde Frunt, one of Belgium's most respected knitwear artisans. In 2010, he launched his eponymous label. Andresen's knowledge of refinement is natural and perceptive. His menswear displays a delicate touch, using craft and textures in an intricate...
Burburrey navy peacoat size M. Like new. Retails for $1500. Worn a few times. Excellent condition. Like new. p2p:53 cm s2s: 46cm lenght:84 cm
Worn less than 5 times. Condition is perfect. Size 42. Rick Owens mainline blistered calf Ramones from AW14, all-black. Very rare iteration. Leather is thick and very resiliant. Made in Italy Comes with extra laces
btw, has anyone hemmed m.a+ sleeves? haven't read much about it here. they're worst than rick's
Who cares if I post here or not? I'd rather not post than write what you do - a pile of bullshit.Anyway, I really like the pants discussion but apc don't fit here at all. If you want some apc advice go to the noob jeans thread or something.
sorry to say that, but is the current subject of my favorite sf thread an apc fit??? I think we have other threads for that (even if you pairt hem with m_moria) I might be alone, but I prefer seeing baller sneakers in this thread than apcs
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