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Where in OH are you and where are you finding this stuff?
Beyerdynamic DT770's
Oberlin Conservatory of music
Hey-- Been lurking this thread for a while, wanted to introduce myself. I'm Matt - a recent college grad currently living in Cleveland. While I've been on SF since 2008, I was mostly absent during college. During that time I developed a mild thrifting obsession. I'll share some of my best finds when I get a minute. If any of you have experience in Cleveland, let me know of the good spots. Otherwise, glad to be back and looking forward to learning more from you...
Thats my size range! Definitely interested/dibs on available stuff in those bigger sizes.
great idea
now on ebay http://r.ebay.com/V4WU99
now on ebay http://r.ebay.com/vos9gh
now on ebay http://r.ebay.com/Z1DN5U
now on ebay http://r.ebay.com/8aiIlZ
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