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was it just me or were the cliftons not on the nordstrom anniversary sale? i was really looking forward to the walnut colored cliftons:cloud:
wahts the couponcode for styleforum?
whaaaat??!! man have times changed i remember the gold ol' days when apc's were just 140 AND came with discounts
the average joes are pretty close
any coupon codes? im in need of a new pair of new standards
sup guys, im in need of a new pair of New Standards and cant find any coupon codes. anyone have any? i miss the good ol days when they were only 140 lol
check out my blog fam Sooner Than Later http://s-t-l.tumblr.com
just saw lion king for the first time in awhile. such a classic
sup SF fam, i just released this beat tape. please take some time to check it out! http://thoroprod.bandcamp.com All feedback welcome
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