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can i expect to see wabasha's at outlets?
thats the closest i've seen. but in the pic i posted the leather looks to be pebbled ttexture and also the shape of the toe looks to be more i think i might have to settle for the jcrew wabasha's cause no one seems to know what these mysterious boots are lol
ahhh the midsole looks a little too bulky.. thanks anyway!
thanks for the response
Can anyone help id the boots the model is wearing? Been searching the net, but can't find anything...
if anyone needs a TBS coupon code, here's one for 30USD just paying it forward! Code: SALE-537548 expires 10-31-12
do u know what is the best coupon code now? i have to buy the redwing boots, dont want to risk them selling out!
are there any current jcrew discount codes??
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