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I was hoping for some sales like the US on AE. However, I must be blind because I've been there twice and could not find AE anywhere.
They were delivered today by FedEx and my wife signed for the shipment - they never requested any funds. I'm not certain though that I won't get an invoice after the fact. If they don't then it's a bargain.
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They arrived! I'm very impressed with the quality. Leather is a bit stiff but I don't see any imperfections and I really like the style. Length is comparable to a 10D Allen Edmonds although the toe box feels roomier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
None of my single ply shirts from BB are see-through.
Just ordered a pair of CICIALARDÒN in size 43. Bit surprised with the checkout process as it never gave me a total before finalizing. Glad to see VAT removed. Final price $213 Canadian. Praying duty, taxes and brokerage are less than the price of the shoes...
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Also FYI, 25% discount for Corporate Members at Brooks on Oct 13/14.
Loding's price increase is now in effect - $375/pair. I was going to bite at $330 but I'd rather wait now for something less expensive.
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