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I won't wear any nice shoes (leather sole or not) outside in the snow and slush any more after destroying two pairs. It was the salt that did it I think. I wear my Swims over them every time now.
I wear 10D in both the Dalton and Strand. Note though that as the former is a blucher and the latter an Oxford it may just be what works best for me.
In my experience (Dalton walnut calf and BB 5th Ave walnut calf) I haven't been able to notice any flaws that anyone on the street would see. Unless I get a really good deal on firsts I will always look to seconds. If you're totally anal, go with firsts.
Toronto members - FYI, Robert Jones in Royal Bank Plaza is liquidating their AE stock. Everything they have is 50% off. Their regular price is $365 on most styles. They have a lot of styles but not much in the way of sizes. I picked up some 5th Street in brown. I also found out that they now sell Saphir products.
Love it. Did you buy directly from Steinhart?
I like that watch except for the "Water Resist" on the dial. Really bothers me.
Any AE suggestions for someone new to loafers, for a business environment? Looking for something contemporary. Thanks
Assuming you're in Canada, it's normally two suits for $1899 and three shirts for $235.
Picked up 3 extra slim shirts and 2 1818 suits today from the Toronto store. 30% was on top of the normal 2-for and 3-for deals.
That site looks awfully sketchy to me. They ship from Singapore but there's no phone/email/address listed.
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