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*POP* My brain just exploded.
Scorsese looked terrific--SBPL, low-cut vest, clearly self-tied bow--though I don't know if anyone bothered to put any pictures up of him.
As a second semester junior: CLST 322 - Pastoral Idylls? (Pastoral Poetry of Theocritus and Virgil) CIS 518 - Topics in Logic PHIL 572 - Contemporary Ethics PSYC 111 - Perception PPE 475 - Conventions, Norms, and Social Institutions Independent Study in Finite Model Theory
Pictures. Sounds like you may have been gypped; authentic RLBL is canvassed.
In terms of construction and fabric quality, Sartorio is way ahead: the line is only slightly inferior to regular Kiton. What fits the best, however, is another matter entirely.
Assuming you like the position at which the sleeve begins on your shoulder, you should keep the shoulder width constant and increase the chest width to give you a larger allowance for movement. A picture (or several) would help, though.
It appears to be a three button suit. The top button is either hidden or missing, and the lapels have been creased in a new position to disguise this. The jacket may be salvageable if you can restore the original lapel crease and if the top button is still attached or you have replacement, though this is probably much more effort than the jacket is worth considering its quality and age.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Alden makes a nice brown suede model (but oxford, not blucher. $110 off now: You might get a good cordovan penny loafer. If you look closely, the shoe being sold on that page is in brown calf, not suede. Still, it's a nice shoe and a decent price. This one is more casual and also cheaper:
They look to be old-style Tramezzas that have been resoled. Notice how the wear on the current sole is much too light considering the condition of the uppers. If you start using shoe trees immediately and polish them up, they should serve you well for quite a while. You did well.
Not as great as "kumberbuzle!"
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