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Shoes - Ferragamo Socks - Pantherella Pants - Brooks Brothers Skyline - Dallas
IMO seersucker suits can look great on someone 50+ and trim, I've never seen it done well otherwise.
AE has sales all the time, not to mention Nordstrom Rack having them at $150ish all day. When I start seeing NIB Vass at the AE price point I'll be first in line to support the Vass > AE argument, but as it stands now I don't see them as comps.At the AE price point I love the Bel Air, Larchmont, Mora, Park Avenue, Hinsdale, Strand, Flatiron, Boston, and Weybridge.Not to thread jack, but I find the tightness of where the laces come together on the Weybridge a huge hassle...
Definitely exchange them.
Could you please provide the length/width of the inside & outside of the shoe?
Do you ever see any 15.5 / 31 non-iron slim fit shirts? If so, I may make some requests as a "100% committed buyer".
Your camera was able to catch the subtle tones, especially in pic number 4, that my camera would have certainly missed on. What kind of camera do you have? More to the point, while not in the market for shoes at present those are some good looking ones.
Didn't know about this thread, but just left the Dallas Allen Edmonds store and inquired about any new double monks and the guy there said that they would be 'bringing the Moras back in 2012.' Take that for what it's worth, he didn't know (or at least didn't mention) that they were already available in the custom section of the website, but I imagine that if they do bring them back as he suggested then they will be priced at the same level of the other non-custom shoes.
It's worse than that. Your calculation implies that you're earning 2 basis points on a monthly basis, when in actuality 2 bps is your annual return. You would have to pay $999.98 for a bond that matures in one month at $1000. At a Dallas CFA Society meeting someone appropriately referred to it as return free risk (a play on risk free return used in CAPM and other financial models). I agree that a 1Y bond at 0.11% seems like a silly investment and almost certainly a...
31 sleeve? Just did a quick search on and you can't search for sleeves below 32, Is that new?
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