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Ok I'll answer but as others have mentioned, this topic should have been covered before. To your point, if Zara fits... go for it. I've seen various styles in banking from slim fits to slightly baggy. I suppose the latter is the norm. No one is going to look at you at the junior level (I should know) so something decent will do. As you have more discretionary income, think about getting a good tailor and perhaps other labels - BB, RLPL/BL etc. if tailoring isn't your...
Yeah do tell
yah i got the bag frm the first link. ok fine, link error watever.
my turn to chip in. i've also been looking for a backpack to go w suits. will only be carrying it to the airport and not really for the daily commute to the office. figured who gives a shit when ur trying to make it to the nxt flight. these are my current options:
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy nope. Haha NYC must have more than sg
Yes they have a mild sheen. At least for the navy and khaki ones I got in 2010. more obvious for navy.
I wear a 6.5e in cj 236 last. Got a 6.5f for the sandringham, fits well. A bit tight at the start but stretches out comfortably soon. Not very gd at describing such stuff... The only thing is tt cheaney could have done better packaging their premium line, felt it was kinda shoddy compared to other marques.
Sockdreams. I bought a variety of OTC socks from them in varying level of thickness, ranging from viccel like widths to boots socks are which are really thick.
So what's the deal with the boaties? We should get a swanky merlion imprint on the side.
Replied to Lightbringer.
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