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Any comments on owners who are narrow in the foot width? I wear a size 10C Park Ave's so i'm curious to see if any workboots that are D would be alright to wear for the long term.
Could you provide a full measurement for pea coat? I have a Schott 36 740N and it'll be a tad short when it comes to wearing it w/ a suit but it's a burly beast. Gets the job done, but a sleeker navy coat would be good as well. I'm 5'10 140lbs 38R Suit, would this be too big? Most of my best fitting shirts are between 17~17.75 in shoulders and 19 seems like a bit much for it to fit me
Sounds great Mike! I'll be putting in my order for blacks soon then. Should I pay you like I did for the burg shirt or is it easier for you online?
Hey, just checking again to see if there were any upcoming free shipping or savings code coming up
Much obliged old sport
Sounds good, thanks 70! I've had mixed experiences w/ 1980's. I had the context x kmw in 32 before and those buggers were actually much tighther than my 32 Rockers. On account of my cycling legs and lack of cycling over the last few months I found the Rocker to be the best cut for me for the long haul. Though for both 1980 and Rocker I found the hem opening and lengths to be just fine as I like to cuff. I look forward to the pics, ideally I might have to wait till i'm...
Haggar Blazer sold, item remaining is Sperry Chukka's for 20 shipped
Please post fit pics and a short review please. Much obliged mate
Hey Mike, how do these fit in relation to my KMW Rockers? I like a little room in the thighs to avoid moose knuckle, but the taper at the bottom always looks better when thinking about how they work with a multitude of footwear.
Tux jacket sold and florsheim's put on Ebay. Haggar and Bluepoint's still available! Special offer for those who want to buy both
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