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Hey Everybody, So i moved and realized that I won't be wearing these too much on account of my job which requires the suit most of the week. Wore them once and passing them on to somebody who can really give them a good go. These are vintage, now out of production Walkover Bucks. They are made in USA w/ Tan Suede up top with a Red Brick Crepe Sole Bottom. Goodyear welted with leather heel pad cushioning. Measures: 12'' Long Width: 4.25 Wide Measures as a...
Been hunting around for any pictures of the Roy Boots. Do any of you own them, any opinions on them thus far? My size has been elusive for quite some time but I hear that they will do another issue soon. Be nice to get some feedback on it as I really dig the chrome leather and plain toe w/ an alternative to leather sole.
Price down to $65 shipped from 80
Fit pic added for reference
1.) This jacket was bought in November of 2009, and worn maybe 3-4 times. It is 99% new. I bought it from the Topman website, with this jacket being a special design from Village Green. It's a midweight cotton, perfect for layering for the upcoming spring. Selling for $65 shipped. -color - black -size - S -length from back of collar - 32" -shoulders - 17.5" -pit to pit - 20" -sleeve from shoulder - 25" -100%...
Hey City, I recently got a pair of Eliasson's for a great price. I won't need a new prescription and don't want to drop major bones on my lenses with the fixins till i need to. I have the OP Eliassons in storm and debating on whether to make them the reading glasses or the day to day long distance. I also was debating on getting the Pirroni's in a couple months in the light brown crystal. I've tried both on in person but just at a crossroads as to keep these...
Hey Mike, do you think you'll have the pinpoint oxfords restocked by the time I swing by in the Spring/Summer?
Just missed the most recent promo, any free shipping codes available?
Hey Mike, I'm very impressed with the interview. Can't wait to stop by the shop when I deploy to D.C., after this torrential storm, in the Spring. Will you have updates on this plantation crepe/chromexcel leather ensemble you mentioned by this week?
Moving soon, need this to move! Priced reduced again to final price of 60 shipped in Con US.
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