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Hey Everybody, I'm selling these off as I prepare for my trip abroad. Offers welcome, but please be reasonable in your offers. 1.) Epaulet Burgundy B/D Oxford sz S - $60 shipped The one and only Epaulet Burgundy Oxford shirt. Wore it twice and realized that i'll need to size up. Purchased for $130 Chest: 19 Sleeves from back: 35 Sleeves from Shoulder: 25.5 Collar: 15.5 Shoulder: 17.5 Length:...
Beautiful patterns Mike. I actually got the burg oxford as a gift for christmas! Alas, I realize now that I am no longer a sz small and will be sizing up to mediums for my future purchases. Are those McNairy Field boots going to be black or brown?
I will second Ivan's review of the black denim. Beautiful cut, and made in the proportions where you can actually get some work done. Highly reccomend these to anybody w/ a slim to slim-athletic build.
Quote: Originally Posted by heisenberg I'm gonna have to reiterate a previous statement - goddamn you guys for turning me on to Paul Smith, and better shoes in general. From last year, I took my everyday shoes from: (in before "LOL Ecco", "LOL square toe", and "LOL no shoe trees") to this: (DBs in Taupe, Paul Smith York, and AE Park Aves). Definitely better, but I've got some gaps. Biggest one now is a pair of black boots - thinking...
Fit pics and other reviews would be greatly appreciated mates
Just put in the order for these. Please let me know when you get the notification Mike. Do you think i'd get these before New Years?
Any thoughts on the Frye Jayden Chelsea Boot? If not these should I go with the Engineer Boot or a Katahdin boot or the Red Wing 8168?
Any comments on owners who are narrow in the foot width? I wear a size 10C Park Ave's so i'm curious to see if any workboots that are D would be alright to wear for the long term.
Could you provide a full measurement for pea coat? I have a Schott 36 740N and it'll be a tad short when it comes to wearing it w/ a suit but it's a burly beast. Gets the job done, but a sleeker navy coat would be good as well. I'm 5'10 140lbs 38R Suit, would this be too big? Most of my best fitting shirts are between 17~17.75 in shoulders and 19 seems like a bit much for it to fit me
Sounds great Mike! I'll be putting in my order for blacks soon then. Should I pay you like I did for the burg shirt or is it easier for you online?
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