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These need little introduction as they are one of the few Alden boots you will still have a hard time getting real up close and personal pictures of. I purchased from a fellow member and realized that when I leave for my assignment in a few months, I won't be needing Aldens for my work in a developing country. 9.5 D US and on Tru-Balance Last, I wear 10 in Allen Edmonds and these are spot on. If you ever wondered what heaven/butter/ and boots would like when put...
Hey Everybody, can anyone comment on the sizing on the Rivet Chino's? I know some folks provided a comparison to J Crew but just wanted to confirm. I wear a 32 in KMW Rocker and they're the perfect fit. Usually between 32 and 33 on Uniqlo slacks depending on the fit. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Gratzi!
Hey Mike, shot over an email asking about the EP Staple pants, hope you can save a pair for me to buy online in grey/purple!
Hey Mike, just wanted to ask if you will be restocking that slim cafe jacket in size small at all this year?
skywalker is a great seller. Straightforward description and accurate portrayal of product provided. My rockers came in the mail just as it was described.
I don't see Gray in the color options. Do you mean Olive? Also, would you be willing to part with just 2 pair? What would be your asking price?
Could you give us a stock update on this Jay?
Any possibility you could talk about the boot numbers you got coming out soon Mike? Wanted to see what was coming down the pipeline before i picked up a pair of Chippewa's.
Commercial Break: I just want to put in my two cents and thank Mike and Adele for letting me sit down and ask them a bit about their experiences. The shop is welcoming both inside and out. I got to see a little bit first hand what hard work and passion will yield, an amazing shop owned by amazing people that produce and deliver one-of-a-kind items. For those looking forward to the Hoyt's, I can testify and say that I am thoroughly impressed. Hopefully will pick up...
Hey Everybody, So i moved and realized that I won't be wearing these too much on account of my job which requires the suit most of the week. Wore them once and passing them on to somebody who can really give them a good go. These are vintage, now out of production Walkover Bucks. They are made in USA w/ Tan Suede up top with a Red Brick Crepe Sole Bottom. Goodyear welted with leather heel pad cushioning. Measures: 12'' Long Width: 4.25 Wide Measures as a...
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