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Hey Everyone, Just got these in and I am selling them off because I'm financing a big move to the Midwest after college this year. 3 Items are brand new, just wore them to try them on in the house. 1.) Paul Smith Pirroni - Smoke/Grey - 52-18-145 Made in Japan - $215 - Retail was 315 in SoHo - Now $145 Comes with Case and cloth and bag. Used these for 4 months and got a pair in a different color. 3.) Epaulet Indigo Chambray Shirt sz M - $120 Shipped - Now...
Hey Mike, do you have an ETA on when the British Khaki's are going to be available in 33? Got a pair of your collab with Jeff coming in the mail later this week and looking forward to them.
I'm moving out of my place in a month so i'm letting go of some things. Feedback or references are available upon request. Payments will be made via Paypal Gift or add 4% to cover the fees. Prices include shipping in the CON US. 1.) Flathead Houndstooth sz 40 - $130 Shipped - Purchased from other SF Member, great fit, just need to let it go. Just trying to get back what I paid for it. These fit slim fyi. Made in Japan, Mother of Pearl Button, Thick Selvedge Loomed...
Measurements for the jackets would definitely help your jacket sell faster. I got a destroyer coming in the mail myself
Hey Mike looks like I was late on the draw for the gunmetal and british khaki chinos this time around. Will you be restocking for February?
1.) Asking for $100 Shipped Paypal is preferred method of payment, references available upon request. Kicking Mule Workshop Rockers in size 32. They were the original Raw Indigo Blue and have been worn casually on and off for the past year. I do want to point out that there is a slight hole at the bottom of the inner left leg near the hem approximately 1cm in diameter that is an inch and a half away from the cuff. You can see it in the 2nd and 4th pic below. Doesn't...
You are making it tempting to keep them :/. Did you use any leather care/dressing for them?
Final Price Drop before moving to Ebay, 425 Shipped in continental US
Price reduction, get these now instead of waiting until June.
These need little introduction as they are one of the few Alden boots you will still have a hard time getting real up close and personal pictures of. I purchased from a fellow member and realized that when I leave for my assignment in a few months, I won't be needing Aldens for my work in a developing country. 9.5 D US and on Tru-Balance Last, I wear 10 in Allen Edmonds and these are spot on. If you ever wondered what heaven/butter/ and boots would like when put...
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