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Gant oxford sold, stock and inventory updated
What's the size on Gant Varsity? also measurements?
Measurements added on Chambray and Chinos
Herringbone and Navy Chino's sold, Chambray, Khaki, and Gant Rugger still available
Walkover's sold, still have peacoat and the corter belt available
McNairy Boots Sold, new inventory updated
Thread consolidated
Pictures added! Thank you for the notice about returns, I waited a day or two late and dont' want to exhaust the good graces of Mike and Adele's generous return policy by taking advantage of it.
Hey Everyone, Just got these in and I am selling them off because I'm financing a big move to the Midwest after college this year. 3 Items are brand new, just wore them to try them on in the house. 1.) Paul Smith Pirroni - Smoke/Grey - 52-18-145 Made in Japan - $215 - Retail was 315 in SoHo - Now $145 Comes with Case and cloth and bag. Used these for 4 months and got a pair in a different color. 3.) Epaulet Indigo Chambray Shirt sz M - $120 Shipped - Now...
Hey Mike, do you have an ETA on when the British Khaki's are going to be available in 33? Got a pair of your collab with Jeff coming in the mail later this week and looking forward to them.
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