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Final Cut, the Paul Smiths are now 145 and Peacoat is at 100
Thanks for catching that, it's been corrected, the size is 52
Price Drop down to $185
Price Drops on Epaulet Chambray now 90, Pirroni's 185 and Peacoat is 125
1.) Paul Smith Pirroni - Smoke/Grey - 52-18-145 Made in Japan - $215 - Retail was 315 in SoHo - Now $185 Comes with Case and cloth and bag. Used these for 4 months and got a pair in a different color.
Gant Rugger Home Run sold, i haven't seen something sell so fast! Also, I lowered prices for the Epaulet Chambray and Peacoat
Added Gant Homerun Varsity Jacket to the queue, Inventory updated
Epaulet chinos sold, and added Paul Smith Pirroni's to the list
Corter Belt sold, new Levi's 511 added. I will be updating with a pair of Paul Smith Pirroni's in Grey Smoke, along with other things tonight. Here's a preview:
It's 100% Wool outer and Made in the USA, the lining is a rich satin so its not bulky at all
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