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Bought one of the Houndstooth and I must say it's one of the finest shirts i've purchased thus far. Most assuredly gives Gitman a run for its money. Thanks Michael!
Selling a brand new MJK Mac Coat in Navy, the last size Medium available, brand new in packaging. http://michaeljkrell.com/navymac.html Selling for 40 shipped. Pit to Pit : 22.5 Shoulders 18.5 Length 33.5 Shoulder to Cuff 24.5
Big fan, can't wait to see the b/d for the fall/winter
RL Scarf Krew K Slim Cords Cole Haan captoes Spiewak Peacoat Gloves from Nordstrom Rack
I wanted to ask you about what denim you would reccomend. The best fitting by far out of the SDA's, APC's that i've owned is actually the Crate Route I have athletic thighs so they fit great true to size and are open enough for sneakers and by Red Wings, but not so billowy that it doesn't look too large. I wanted to find a thicker denim for the winter time, ideally one that is in the same sizing/cut as the Crate Route. I'm on my final year of college so my budget for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro How heavy??? I wouldnt' say to the point where I start walking like the tin man. But maybe a notch above the New Standards?
Hey Mauro, love the pair of Route's i ordered from you some time ago. For the wintertime, I wanted to ask for your reccomendation for a heavier weight denim in the same style cut as the route. Much appreciated.
Hey everyone, new to Styleforum here. I recently got a pair of Crate Route's in a size 32 and they fit great. I was wondering if anybody new of other brands or cuts similar to it but with a heavier denim? I've had APC NS before but I think i size down too much by getting a 30 because it was too snug on the thighs. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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