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Looks great Mike. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm looking forward to all the things droppinig next week. I forsee most of my solid purchaes this year being made at your store. Please let me know when those other jackets you mention come in along with the other Fall releases.
Additional measurements added by request for thigh
Hey kelvinsense, i'll be shipping off for a stint for the Peace Corps prior to law school, but i'll be joining a fellowship program through UCLA so I know i'll have to step the wardrobe a bit while i'm a part of it. Thanks for the advice Mike, I really see that Alden's get alot of love in this forum and from the wearability, it makes alot of sense. I wonder if they would get tarnished with my KMW's though? I'd hate to see a great casual/formal boot get the raw denim...
Hey Mike, I'm really interested in all of the offerings you will be having for the fall. I'm a college student who is setting aside some money for some quality pieces that will last me through the remaining year and through law school. I'll most likely be picking up 1-2 of your shirts this fall to cover my bases for the rest of the year. As far as the rest of my basics are concerned, I have some chinos, raw denim, and of course the black suit and gray wool/tweed...
PM sent
I'd say they are roomier than most slim/skinny denim and taper nicely similarly to the NS or New Cure. The top block is a little more accomodating to the thighs, but the taper toward the bottom hem still makes this very much a slim jean
Pictures added, price reduced to 135 in Continental US
Would anyone happen to have any pictures of the Black Rockers and how they have been developed with fades? I found a place that carries them in my size, but they only carry the 34 inseam instead of 32. Being black denim, is it advised to cuff, wait for the next size run, or hem?
All Sold, Thanks for looking!
Quote: Originally Posted by aoluffy lol 1 dollar discount. you got any fit pics of yourself in the shirt btw please? Fit pic added by request
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