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Anybody know were I could find these in 32/32? Seem to be sold out everywhere. KMW Black Rocker
Price reductions on Houndstooth and Chinos, special offer for both is 125 shipped.
Hey guys, Trying to keep my belongings down to a minimum. I got my peacoat, denim, basics and boots in order, but I wanted to see if this shirt would be worth it. This is an Obey chambray shirt that came out this year. It costs about $72 dollars out the door. http://www.turntablelab.com/box-scor...168/75419.html Should I go for this one or get the Epaulet blue chambray instead? Want a piece that I can switch up between my Chino's and denim with my commando boots or...
Thanks for advice Tonio, uploaded a new pic with less angle
Pictures of Chino's uploaded and MJK Price reduced.
Price on Houndstooth reduced to 115, including the chambray boxers
Gitman has been sold, MJK Houndstooth and Chino's still available
All Sold
Bought one of the Houndstooth and I must say it's one of the finest shirts i've purchased thus far. Most assuredly gives Gitman a run for its money. Thanks Michael!
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