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Hey Mike, any new Kamigata offerings this year?
Hey Mike,@Epaulet Been fortunate to pick up the mulberry and Bartlett jacket over the past year , they are getting regular use! Any new plans for the kamigata this year?
Hi, somewhat unrelated, but would anyone be able to proxy a purchase from an EU website and ship to U.S.? I know there's a well documented proxy for UK but the cost would be significantly less if purchased in Euro.
Anyone able to proxy a pair to U.S. from EU? Have a pair in cart on the EU/UK Nike site saved but can't checkout. Looked at borderlinx, but unable to use that since they said Nike is not a vendor they can do it for. Bongo US requires a EU form of payment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
It's a great concept but the designs so far don't live up to the promotion they're putting into it.
∆ agreed.if the final product isn't significantly different, there are better options in the same price range to be had. They'll be a hyped shoe nonetheless, but it might be good if it diverts people away from other models so folks can have a chance to get them while folks clamour for thesr. Without having to pay exorbitant resale prices.
Nate Van Hook, a designer from Nike, had a lot to do with the Yeezy models produced under Nike. Since Adidas has the VP from Y3 whose been able generate buzz by making the Qasa silhouette accessible to the masses, I'm thinking these pics are just PR flash in the pans to get people talking about it before the actual shoe drops which will most likely look significantly different. At least that's my optimism hoping that this is the case.
Hi I'd like to purchase these! They would be shipped to California
Hi Rostov,Allison confirmed she had my info when I spoke to her a couple weeks ago, but haven't received my invoice for the Brown Grain yet fyi. Should I wait until the end of the year?
Hey rostov, could you possibly get a list from Allison with who's remaining? I've sent her another email since I didn't hear from her last week to confirm. Don't want to be the one holding things up.
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