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Hi Rostov,Allison confirmed she had my info when I spoke to her a couple weeks ago, but haven't received my invoice for the Brown Grain yet fyi. Should I wait until the end of the year?
Hey rostov, could you possibly get a list from Allison with who's remaining? I've sent her another email since I didn't hear from her last week to confirm. Don't want to be the one holding things up.
Thanks for all the hard work @rostov! Just wanted to note you have me on both chili and brown grain, please remove me from the chili grain list, don't want to confuse the numbers in the tally. Much obliged!
Can we add Independence lining to the boot specs as well? Also, since my first choice was Olive and isn't getting the traction anymore, could I switch my 1st preference to the brown grain and secondary to Chili? Thanks for organizing this, it's much appreciated!
Found this on the AE Appreciation thread. Thoughts? I just got my Walnut Calf EC's last week. Would Chili grain be too similar?
Count me inCount me in for the eagle river gmto.
Much obliged! I think I'll wear them and see how they hold. Got these at the sale price + MTO fee. Bummed to have missed the EC GMTO opportunity but learned about this whole universe quite recently. Glad to see so many folks passionate about AE.
Hey everyone. Got my MTO EC's in this week with the following specs: Eagle County MTO 2066 Walnut Calf Brass Eyelets, 3 Speed Hooks Dark Brown Contrast Stitching Independence Lining and Insole Black Split Reverse Welt Toby Mini Lug Brown Transparent Edge Dressing It's my first MTO as all of my other AE purchases have been second hand. Wanted to get your thoughts on this before I reach out to their customer service, you'll see on the images of the front left boot that...
Many thanks! Sent you a PM.
Hi, really need help ordering this product from MEC Canada. Spoke to the agent on the phone and apparently they can't ship direct to me in California. Can anyone help? I'd be much obliged. http://www.mec.ca/product/5026-313/mec-agens-sc-dufflepack/?q=sc%2Bagens
New Posts  All Forums: