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How much is shipping to California?
Is this still available?
Sent you a pm!
Sent a pm!
Letting go of some of my favorite sneakers to save up for an upcoming trip. All prices are inclusive of shipping if shipped within US. Please keep in mind to add 4% to payment for PP fees. 1. ) Jordan AJKO Sport Blue sz 10.5 - Only wore these a handful of times and then cleaned them and stored back in box - $100 2.) CP Achilles Retro - sz 43 - DS never worn, purchased for retail from The Corner. $350 shipped 3.) Nike Flyknit Racer - Chlorine Blue - size 11.5 - wore...
Just picked up the Olive Doyle, I tried on the Apolis French Work Jacket in Olive but it was very boxy. Excited to give this some wear! I've been wearing my Bartlett at least once a week. Will be in NYC in a couple weeks and looking forward to checking out the store.
Hi, does anyone know or able to ship a pair of eyeglasses from Spain to United States? The shop only sells within the country and I'd really like to avoid the duty on this item since it's over 200 Euro.
Hi, is anyone available to proxy a pair of eyeglass frames from Spain to U.S.?
Thats a great looking coat! Hows the sizing on it?
Some of the releases are great and some are very forgettable. Since I'm probably late to the party, I'm only recently beginning to see the futility of many of the Nikelab and HTM releases. If you were to really take inventory of how may winners they have versus ones that are only popular because of the additional branding, I'd be very curious to see if it lives to the hype.
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