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Hi, does anyone know or able to ship a pair of eyeglasses from Spain to United States? The shop only sells within the country and I'd really like to avoid the duty on this item since it's over 200 Euro.
Hi, is anyone available to proxy a pair of eyeglass frames from Spain to U.S.?
Thats a great looking coat! Hows the sizing on it?
Some of the releases are great and some are very forgettable. Since I'm probably late to the party, I'm only recently beginning to see the futility of many of the Nikelab and HTM releases. If you were to really take inventory of how may winners they have versus ones that are only popular because of the additional branding, I'd be very curious to see if it lives to the hype.
Thank you so much! Finally picked up a Chore Jacket in Navy, hopefully it'll fit well.
Hey Mike, any new Kamigata offerings this year?
Hey Mike,@Epaulet Been fortunate to pick up the mulberry and Bartlett jacket over the past year , they are getting regular use! Any new plans for the kamigata this year?
Hi, somewhat unrelated, but would anyone be able to proxy a purchase from an EU website and ship to U.S.? I know there's a well documented proxy for UK but the cost would be significantly less if purchased in Euro.
Anyone able to proxy a pair to U.S. from EU? Have a pair in cart on the EU/UK Nike site saved but can't checkout. Looked at borderlinx, but unable to use that since they said Nike is not a vendor they can do it for. Bongo US requires a EU form of payment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
It's a great concept but the designs so far don't live up to the promotion they're putting into it.
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