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This seems like a things you did today to make you happy thread at this point. But I wanted to add international travel and visiting new cities. I really enjoy learning the new cultures and food. I do this once a year and ride high all year until the next rip. Recently, went to the Nats game which was great, but hot. And just wore, for the first time a new pair of AE McAllisters in black. New shoes make me happy.
Suit to work every day. What do you think the applicant needs to wear to get hired?
Its time to grow and be a big boy. AE are classic style. The same style worn by leaders and decision makers in the U.S.
Just ordered a shirt after a self measure... Will report back with results.
Allen Edmonds McCallisters. Beautiful. And I got a great price as well!
Could not agree more. Content not window dressing as my adviser used to say. That said, you set your own standard.
Seems you need to get the sweat away from your body and the UA is doing the job. More muscle should not mean more sweat. More fat maybe. Is this happening in dress clothes at a desk?
Quote: Originally Posted by LynahFaithful In the 30+ years I have worked in academia, I have never heard "appearance" or how a candidate was dressed ever discussed when evaluating candidates. Faculty are truly most interested in what you will bring to the department and how your interests and what you have accomplished will make them better. However, I recommend wearing a well fitting suit for a B-School interview on all days (don't wear the same one...
I have about 8 and rotate them year round. Never covered but I do use a lint roller at times. Found one that is close.
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