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up to 500$ inkl insurenced shipping to germany, paypal availible. Personal contact first. thanks
dear masters of labels and nail patterns, could anyone identify this Jil Sander Suit Label, please? edit: Jil Sander Tailor Made I´ve found it in this thread in a pal zileri sartoriale somewhere on the first pages. Is Pal Zileri the maker (never heard about that he makes suits himself), what quality could I expect? The trousers look damn good crafted, but I´m not sure on the Jacket, as I´m a little noob on quality suits biz. Have had much Designer Stuff only. What...
as you guys would have let me died, without one single opinion about last fit, heres a new one much more casual could be, that style and niche brands vary with the great distance, but thats why I´m here and not in an EUR/GER forum...getting - quite interesting, so I joined thr board - inspirations about new looks. best regards could anyone help me with this pls? Does anyone know how it fits, its only availible in xl, comparing to the model and his meassurements, it will fitting me right. I´m 192cm tall, 41-42"(109 cm) breast, 16,5" collar . the problem is that most american and uk garment fits really tall, compared to italian, here I usually wear 52 on shirts, jackets eg and 50 (32-33 waist, 33-34 lenght) trousers. As beeing a...
phat guido, I think I really love that muji pea...could you pls post a full pic of its fitting? first try (going out for sushi with gf): y´s jacket master coat small checked shirt deyk jeans ferre shoes market scarf, self made neckerchief (by cutting off an edge of cheap markets scarf)
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