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ALVJULY9 Don't know when it's valid til but check this baby out All Leather Mullholland Angler's Bag $179 Shipped w/ discount, They're $209 right now.
Got my red canvassy coat today and I love it. It's just a little too big, so I guess that's perfect. I'm going to wear it daily for a week to break it in and then wash it with my next load of laundry. It's great material, slubby canvas, stiff, starched. It's a great color right now, hopefully it won't fade to pink. Thanks!
Interested in the KMW's but I'm unsure about the rinse wash. I'm having trouble finding more information about it and how it fades. Usually rinses fade more subtly than raw denim. Anyone have any insight?
The brands that my local upscale store has are Moore&Giles -and- Property Of... any one heard of these? The first is $350 and the second $180, both on sale right now.
Sending PM about red jacket...
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