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Quote: Originally Posted by chison that's a great deal, I've been looking at that bag for months, looks like its time to pull the trigger, thanks for the code and the heads up! If you show up at a party with a bag that matches mine, so help me I will pour bleach on your jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by MyMorningJacket I'm a big fan of Jenny Lewis' style rawz
Online: Gilt Tobi Yoox Bluefly eBay IRL: Marshall's/Ross, etc Thrift Urban Outfitters (on sale) Consignment (Buffalo Exchange, etc.) Higher-end stores (but no good departments stores around) carry Boss, Gant, Etro, JV, Cole Haan, etc. and one has a denim boutique that has Nudie, Apolis, Frye, Modern Amusement. I just found out the other does bespoke shirts starting at $100 for all-cotton so may start buying those.
Oh yeah, baby. sexxxy.
There might be some ideas in this thread:
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor I've been eying that piece for about a week, I'm kind of still on the fence about it... On one hand it's red, and for some reason that catches my eye... on the other hand, it's red and I rarely wear a shade bright. I like having the option of wearing something loud that's not busy. Rocked it today with a tucked-in black v-neck tee, square steel belt buckle on a black tooled-leather belt with 3 month...
I've been getting compliments regularly on This APC jacket I snagged from Mack, been wearing it everyday to break it in, it's fairly stiff right now. Saw a guy wearing what looked to be a bespoke shirt at my restaurant (split yoke, no pleats, curved spread collar) and complimented him on it.
There's an AA store a few blocks from my house so I went and tried on all the t's (except baby rib, they didn't have that). I'm a measured 38 chest and usually smalls are too tight but I found the small 50/50 tee to fit like a shorter medium 'perfect t' and was my favorite fit. (the length on t's that fit me in the chest but don't billow is my main problem)The girly t in xl was the next best, but the super short sleeves aren't the style I'm going for. The Tri-blend had a...
I've got a James Perse jacket from a couple of years ago and the small fit me well, 38 chest, 15 neck, I usually take a 20 ptp shirt. I tried on a slim fit Gant Rugger shirt yesterday and it fit really well in the 15" neck
I've had a pair of Alberts for over a year, but I don't wear them often. I would recommend going up half a size for sure. Also, the midsole is very thin, I feel like I'm wearing wrestling shoes with them on. That said, I like them a lot, have gotten lots of compliments and always feel like I should be wearing them more. They've got a number of styles on sale right now at so check that out before paying retail. Bottom Line: Pros: Cheap, Stylish,...
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