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Quote: Originally Posted by chessman305 Does anyone have a list of stores with nice t-shirts dressy enough to be worn out with jeans? dressy tshirt? What do you mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by ajchen Hey guys, here are some more fit pictures of all denim cuts and fabrics available right now. Our fit model is 5'10" and 155 pounds, and is wearing a size 29 in all the cuts. Straight Leg: Slim Leg: The st100x looks less fitted than the st210, is that an accurate representation? It looks like the same fit at selfedge. I don't want either of the first two fits, would I be better off sizing down on...
Quote: Originally Posted by v3l Thoughts on the fit of the KMW 1980s? They're up in the B/S forum because I would ideally like to get a size smaller. However, I just got the urge to keep them for some reason and wanted to know what y'all thought. size smaller for sure. They're a little baggy now and they'll stretch.
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam Ok I totally messed up my measurements. I have a 33" hips, does that correspond with the waist measurements of the jeans? Also, if I get quickly fading jeans like APC NS, do I have to be careful wearing white clothing as the jeans might stain them? Lastly, does wearing raw selvedge jeans in the snow kill them? This thread should answer many of your questions regarding sizing. That said, your hips (ie the...
Hm... I think that's out of my price range. I am planning on getting a belt sometime, do you have brass or a gold color buckle available?
Michael, do you wear a small? Personal I know but we share a 31" waist if I recall from the swimwear post.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent NC is the furthest thing for skinny at the ankle. It's very tapered from waist to midcalf, then it just juts out a little bit. New Standards can be considered "skinny" jeans if you are sizing them down more than vanity. I think I know what you're talking about, like a 'sneakercut' where it doesn't widen from the knee like a bootcut, and that's how they look at context. But the measurements say...
Quote: Originally Posted by Adam24 Black Chelsea boots. This, combat, or black Red Wings. Some kind of boot, definitely.
So, it seems that square toe shoes are a "no, never, why would you even think about it" type choice?
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam are theses skinny jeans? I thought they were regular fit once they stretched? Well, it depends on what size you buy, but they're generally thought of as a slim straight leg fit. If you're looking for something looser you could try the rescues. They're an interesting discussion on "relaxed/regular fit' here
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