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My vote is cigarette pockets, curved yoke, curved cuff, inside chest pocket, collar tab, both selvage accents, fisheye buttons, double contrast stitching.
Mine did not shrink noticeably either, but I washed cold and line dried.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You can definitely size one down in the SJ (ie, get a 30), especially if you want a slimmer fit and are accounting for stretch. The general rule of thumb with nudie is to size down one in just about every model except the Thin Finn which you should typically stick to your usual size. I personally would size down 2 in AJ's, they can look really great sized down, like the pictures on SelfEdge At least if...
Well it's just a sign that it's made on a vintage loom, right? I am curious about the historical precedent that someone mentioned.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite i only recently found out how badass gant was, i have two shirts from them, a chambray and a BD club collar and they've gotten me more compliments than my BoO shirts. factor in a comprehensive american-heritage background and color me smitten. Nice, I'm waiting on a club collar rugger myself that I got on gilt final sale. Excited.
ITT SF gets a new obsession. Might as well toss the boo, at least until they get with the program.
Quote: Originally Posted by BOF For a while I was alternating between using sunglasses from a Dollar Store, and a pair of $300 designer ones. The dollar store glasses got far more compliments (designer ones actually got none). I stopped thinking that price/designer really has much to do with how good something looks. I think people are intimidated to compliment on big name designer stuff. I feel like if I told someone "Nice glasses" about...
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Anyone with one of the canvas coats - how much will it shrink with a soak? I want to get rid of the starch in the coat, but the sleeves are almost too short as it is and I don't want to lose any length. Any experiences? I had the same concerns. I washed warm and hung dry and had no problems. Mine is still quite stiff.
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