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Quote: Originally Posted by Eason hell yeas Thought of your recent fits when I saw the title. You pull it off (no homo)
I find that on jeans with >16" leg opening, it ends up underfoot if you try to stack. IMO, stacking only looks good on tapered pairs. I cuffed my 32 inseam AJ's and still get some break, but without the stepping on my jeans part.
I really like the color the Mister Freedom shirt cuff is, some sort of dark gray?
I have a double-breasted full length peacoat from 1961 I got at a thrift. It's got the bright buttons and it's a bit too big though. I'm also not sure if I like it down to my calves.
Quote: Originally Posted by lowrider Seattle... Ah. I live in the town where it's brewed, I guess I never thought about it getting shipped out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. Same. Could someone clear up the reason why they're named that way? I've been wondering for a while. My rationalization was Slim Tapered and Straight Leg
Quote: Originally Posted by lowrider 4 Avery IPAs down... Avery? Where do you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot nudie def covers their market well. They make a good transition for guys who are into 7fam and TR. I have never owned a pair but they fade pretty well, from what i've seen. I think they are worth it if you can find them on sale This is me. Used to be into that crap denim, got a pair of AJDS's for 180 and my perspective on nice clothing changed. I'm still wearing that pair but a wash is due before winter...
Maybe. I still think it looks really good. It's been hard for me to find ways to pull off cardigans without feeling effeminate. I'm still building up my wardrobe so I don't have the basics others might.
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