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Quote: Originally Posted by Stacks I suggest you quit being such a bitch. qft They may appear pronounced at first, but keep wearing them and the denim relaxes after about a month, at least in my experience. I've still got em (seeing as I run, bike, rock climb, work, and work out in them) but I think the jeans look fine, as long as I don't let them sag too far.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Right on. If you feel the need to be dressed from head to toe in strictly work wear-type stuff when that's not your usual garb, it might smack of playing dress up. I'm a bit new at this, but isn't that part of going for a look/cohesive outfit? It can be taken too far, sure, but thinking "Oh, it's chilly, I'll wear a flannel and jeans today, I guess boots would go with that" just like a hot day you'd wear maybe a...
They're probably not a current season, which would be why he accepted and why you can't find them around. With a 99.9% powerseller based in the US, I would not be worried about fakes.
thanks. i find BiG difficult to navigate at times.
no on the me buying or no on the me selling? Does bedstu get a bad rap?
What's the stretch on a full-grain pair like beeswax? Should I buy the same size as I would of suede?
I have been wearing my jeans cuffed every day for 5 months and I've worn them with most shoes, w/no problems. The dressier the shoe, the weirder it will look, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Sneakers This is me. Used to be into that crap denim, got a pair of AJDS's for 180 and my perspective on nice clothing changed. I'm still wearing that pair but a wash is due before winter and I'm starting to shop for my next pair. I really like the fit of Skull 5010's but I don't really like the branding (skull patch and cross). Another brand I'm interested in is PBJ, would the 005 fit the bill after a hot soak? I'm a...
Bed/Stu on sale for $80 I've been looking at Clarks in beeswax but would rather have a leather sole. However, the size available might be a little too big as I'm a true 10.5 and the lowest it goes is 10. What do you think, and would I be able to sell them on B&S if they don't fit?
The strap option sounds great. If that MrF shirt is indigo, I want something like that. Super dark indigo. I have a couple lighter blue ones but that color just looks awesome.
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