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Purchased from MockProper and had a very good experience. He threw in freebies and the communication throughout was excellent.
Oh I see. I didn't even realize there was a parent forum that could not be posted in containing overarching rules for all of B&S. Always went straight to the subforums. Thanks whodini!
Thanks for the quick reply, how long is it? I couldn't find any information in the pinned threads but perhaps I am just blind.
WHY can I not make a post in B&S? People with fewer post than I have! Or am I missing something?
Sent PM sunday for the two jcrew I asked about and got no response, are those available?
damn I gotta start saving now that thing is so sick, and I'm so glad it's hooded. The button off hood makes it even better, I didn't even know I wanted that feature but all of a sudden it's indispensible. Thanks!
Sorry zissou, money's a little tight right now and neither option is exactly what I voted for, so I don't feel compelled to swing it. Maybe I'll change my mind if I love one of the colors. I'm sure they'll be great, can't wait to see fits!
set2kop duffel (it's not hooded, is it?). Maybe shawl-collar pullover too, depending on material. Any insight, ajchen? Also, is the current price schedule going to be continued to the next season (outerwear 200-250)?
What's the material on the striped jcrew? Is that a gingham in the first pic? and, are they the tailored fit?
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