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selling these because i never did/don't wear them. prices include shipping within the continental usa, international buyers pm for quote 1) comme des garçons homme plus breton stripe sweater - size small (fits 46-48). bought second hand, has a tiny stain on the upper right chest (visible to real entent in picture - only noticeable under bright light/close inspection) and price has been adjusted to reflect that. would come out with a quick cleaning. there's a shadow on the...
i don't really wear this jacket anymore, but it's too beautiful to be sitting in my closet. bought it a few years ago at the mj boutique in los angeles for around $2600. really gorgeous black calfskin, with ribbed hem, cuffs, and neckline in timeless baseball jacket style. it's been lovingly worn, but the only signs are the cuffs, which have come undone a little (but been stitched back together by myself - see pic) and the zipper pull broke (but i have a piece of ribbon...
looking for a black d-point belt, good used condition fine. pm me and we can discuss pricing and whatnot.
and we're back! going to LA and Paris soon, so i'm rounding up some funds. everything is unworn unless i say otherwise. sorry for a lot of the pictures, this thread was fueled by insomnia.[wall] before we start, other things to PM me about for pics/info that may be coming anyway: Jil Sander button downs Marc Jacobs fabric blocked overcoat YSL mohair blazer BLESS 3-D sweater Rick Owens milk blistered lamb intarsia Various designer ties here we go... Dior Homme: Sharp...
selling a bunch of polo shirts i don't wear anymore (lost weight). PM me with offers/interest - open to some negotiation. photo 1: top row: D&G, fits L (size xl), $50 Y-3, size L, $30 Penguin, size M, $25 middle row: Diesel, size L, $50 Y-3, size M, $40 Burberry, fits M (size s), $65 bottom row: Diesel, size L, $30 Polo Ralph Lauren, size M, $25 Lacoste, size 5, $35 photo 2: top row: Lacoste Silver Label, size 4, $50 Lacoste vintage wash, size 4, $40 Lacoste pima...'s auction section is usually pretty good
i don't think the print detail shirts (above) are so bad. those shorts are heinous though. my gawd.
i just recycle the gross stuff into gym-wear. tom ford's admitted to throwing out his underwear and undershirts after a few uses.
it's all in the outfit. hats can put looks together, or they can completely tear them apart. personally i can't really wear hats except for one midnight velvet vintage stetson fedora i have, and even then it's in my closet 99.5% of the time.
i'd agree with most everything said here - it's not so much a matter of age, it's a matter of opportunity and use. i know i rarely wear my suits, and so the idea of buying a three-peice (although i love the look) just isn't a good use of my money. i have a tendency to completely disagree with GBR - i think the three-piece is definitely fashionable/in style right now, independent of age.
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