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Wondering about this sport coat I just purchased at Loehman's. Sorry about the crappy pics. The inside label says Zegna Tessuto, which seems to mean it is just Zegna cloth, not design, but then also has what looks like a Zegna tag with all the numbers, etc. What do you make of this? I think it may have originally come from Barneys. Is this a Zegna jacket or just Zegna cloth?
Interested in the Incotex 56 "High Comfort." Are those the pants with some elastene in them? Do you have any other colors besides khaki in that size? Thanks.
Thanks for the guidance above. I ended up buying a Seiko Alpinist at Yodobashi Camera in Umeda, Osaka. Price was much less than on the seiyajapan site. Remember to get the VAT refund if you are a visitor. I found that the big electronics discounters had exactly the same prices. Yodobashi had a better selection than Bic, though.
Please respond to PM sent about white Gitman Vintage shirt two days ago. Thank you.
I'll take it. PM sent.
Pm sent.
I am in search of Incotex HighComfort pants at a Manhattan Daffy's. Those are 96% cotton 4% something else (elastene, I think). I see the 100% cotton or 100% wool pants all over the place at Daffy's, but can't seem to locate these. If anyone comes across or has come across these in 56, please let me know. Thanks.
Received my shirt. Looks great, thanks. Is a 16.5 in white still available?
Quick question: is the white ocbd exactly the same cloth, cut, etc. as the blue? 16.5 still available?
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