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You might want to read through this thread for some detailed analysis of a few Bangkok tailors, including Narin:
What are the measurements for XXL? Can't seem to find them in post.
Are these part elastene? Are they IMIST on the Inco tag?
Any sightings of similar stuff in Manhattan C21?
PM Sent.
Just wondering about the pulls on the two knit ties--are they on the front, where it drapes in front of you? How obvious are they if you're just wearing, not inspecting the ties? Thanks for the info.
Browsing some thrift stores and came across an interesting looking sport jacket with a Rubinacci label and wondering what to make of it. I did a little research and saw a few different photos of Rubinacci labels floating around on the internet which I've posted below. Some of them say Mariano Rubinacci, others say Rubinacci Made in Italy. I'm assuming this Made in Italy label is an entirely different brand than the Neapolitan tailor often discussed here, is that...
One tip on Galatoire's: go for Friday lunch. Make sure to sit downstairs. It is almost all locals at that time. Great atmosphere, decent food.
Quote: Originally Posted by tor That's like $40 cheaper than seiya... It's actually more like $75 cheaper for the watch shown in the BIC link above. The price on the BIC website is before the VAT refund. After you factor that in the watch mentioned comes out to about $280, compared to $354 on
If you really like pig try Cochon. Amazing fried pig ears, obscure internal organs, etc. Nice wine and beer selection, cool atmosphere.
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