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Okay, edited to correct the UK/US conversion problems that were pointed out. Thanks for catching that.
I haven't seen so much Incotex or Mabitex at Daffy's lately, but what I have seen has been even more heavily discounted than normal. In the last couple of months I picked up Incotex for as low as $14.99 and Mabitex for $24.99 or $29.99. Haven't looked in the last couple of weeks though.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu I was not comparing it to grassfed beef at all. I was just remarking that I prefer the grassfed that I get vs. the American Wagyu that Ive had. Also, it is possible to get tender and well marbled grass fed steak. Sorry misunderstood you. Love to try grass-fed like that. Where'd you get it?
Anyone know where to try these on for size in New York City?
I haven't tried this butcher yet, but after some unbelievable steak I had in Japan on my last visit I've been meaning to try it. Couple of things: -Someone was comparing this to grass-fed beef. It's the total opposite of grass-fed. This stuff is incredibly tender, marbled with fat, raised on grains. -It's not really accurate to compare prices with American premium beef because you could never eat as much Wagyu beef as American style beef. The Japanese stuff is so...
PM sent on RL sunff suede. Thanks.
Is the PRL Cashmere sweater NWT also? If not what's the condition? Thanks.
I've had a pair of Comfort Craftsman for a few months now and while I love the look and fit of the boot the one thing that doesn't make me reach for them as easily as for say my Alden Chukkas is the slight heel on the Craftsman. Does anyone else find this slightly uncomfortable? Is there a model without as much heel elevation? Can this be changed when I resole?
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