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I picked up a Crittenden sportcoat on Sierra Trading Post a few months ago for about $80. It looks to be the South Beach jacket here: -- three patch pockets, working cuffs, light cotton material in blue. I like it, especially for $80. The only drawbacks I can find are that the jacket is a little longer than I'd like and the cuffs seem to ride up a bit, even though the sleeve length seems right. Not sure why that is.
I'd recommend reading this (long) thread by a guy who seems to be knowledgeable and to have thoroughly scouted things out: I know it doesn't seem like lonelyplanet's forum would have much tailoring info to offer, but the OP on that thread is very well informed.
Is this sizing the same as the BBBF?
Second the Rimowa. But in my opinion four wheels are an absolute must. Not sure if they make the metal ones with four wheels, but I have two of the carbon fibers with four wheels and they're great: lightweight and pretty durable. I had a couple of problems with one wheel but Rimowa was pretty good about fixing it for free.
Last drop before ebay.
Price drop.
For sale is a very nice sportcoat from Yohji Yammamoto's casual line, Coming Soon. It's 50% Cotton, 50% Linen, Black in color, very nice soft feel. It's a two button jacket with peak lapels and no vent. Retail price is $625. It's yours for $175 $149. Final drop before ebay. Now for the sizing. Size reads 48 on the jacket, which is the European size, meaning a US 38. Measurements are below. The jacket is really big for a 38, though, which, I guess is the way...
Just received my American Longwings. These are excellent shoes. Thanks, Tom.
Email sent.
Price drop on hickey worsted wool navy blue suit. Great suit at a nice price.
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