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Thought I'd throw this out. Never used them before, don't plan to, but I saw this offer on groupon for 50% off Indochino clothes and thought some of you guys might be interested. Not sure how to link to it, but if you enroll in groupon ( you'll probably get it, as I did.
Finally got around to having the cobbler remove about one and a half levels on the heel of my comfort craftsman and the difference, to me, is huge. They are much more comfortable shoes, and I find myself reaching for them every day instead of just for a special occasion. I was afraid that altering the heel might throw of the balance of the shoe or something but it has only improved things for me.
Thanks Iceball--will check out that place in Porto. Was thinking the same thing with shoes--there's got to be somewhere that sells high quality stuff made here. Will investigate next week.
Just landed in Lisbon and took a stroll around town today. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for shopping, or if it's even worth it here? Saw some very cheap goodyear welted shoes, just about the cheapest I've ever seen anywhere. The regular leather was pretty bad corrected grain I guess, but the suede looked okay. There was a sale at one store where goodyear welted shoes were 29 euros. This place: Even...
I have a pair of Comfort Craftsman but I find the heel to be too high for me. Is there a way to slightly shorten the heel without messing up the balance of the shoe? I wonder if anyone else has found this uncomfortable? Compared to Chukkas and to Blundstones (my other boots) I find the RMW heel a bit too much for lots of walking around.
Recently received a calfskin piece from this seller and I'm really liking it. The wallet has a nice slim profile and it's wearing in very well.
Final drop.
Price drop. Let me know if you want them otherwise will get rid of them elsewhere.
I'm having a problem with a Crittenden sport coat (this model: The jacket seems to fit well, but when I move around the cuffs hike up my arms an excessive amount. It's kind of ridiculous--if I just bike a few blocks the jacket cuffs are almost up to my elbow. Even in just normal activity, not biking, it happens a lot too. The sleeve length is spot-on, so that's not the problem. I took it to the tailor here in New...
I picked up a pair of these on the recent yoox sale and they are a tiny bit too narrow for me, so wanted to see if anyone is interested in purchasing them at my cost plus a few bucks for shipping. You can see details and photos here from Yoox: Pics of actual shoes: I would say the color in the Yoox link is slightly more accurate--they are dark not light brown. I tried them on once and did not walk around on...
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